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Stay tuned for more episodes of Voices of the Wilderness! I’m currently working on films about Rachel Carson, Gifford Pinchot, Henry David Thoreau and Howard Zahniser — all who helped shape our views of conservation and wilderness.

Howard Zahniser

As Exec. Director of The Wilderness Society, Zahniser spent seven years lobbying for the adoption of The Wilderness Act of 1964. ...

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Episode 1 – Aldo Leopold

Aldo Leopold was a visionary forester, wilderness advocate, watershed expert and pioneer in land restoration. His life’s work culminated in the...

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Show Host

Jeff Ryan

Author, photographer, historian and keynote speaker Jeff Ryan has hiked thousands of miles in the United States and spent the past several years relating his experiences to audiences throughout North America, traveling in his 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon camper van.

Jeff has written two critically acclaimed books about the Appalachian Trail. His research for his second book, Blazing Ahead, was the catalyst that sparked this series. Jeff is continually impressed by the forward-looking pioneers that saw the need to retain and protect pieces of American wilderness where we can, in the words of Benton MacKaye, “oxygenate, recreate and gain perspective.”

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Featured Guests

Thank you to the writers, conservationists and historians that generously share their knowledge and passion for America’s conservation history and help make Voices of the Wilderness possible,


Curt Meine, Ph.D

Conservation biologist, historian,
Aldo Leopold biographer

Stanley A. Temple

Senior Fellow
Aldo Leopold Foundation

Buddy Huffaker

Executive Director
Aldo Leopold Foundation