A Century Later, An Indiana Marshland is Restored

Loblolly Marsh Nature Preserve. ©2024 www.JeffRyanAuthor

In the 1910s, a vast Indiana marshland known as “Limberlost” was dredged and drained to provide access for the timber and oil industries and to create more farmland. At the time, not many people were considering the effect that practically eliminating a 13,000 acre marsh would have. A local author, who had written several books about Limberlost, tried to make her voice heard. Yet, her concerns were largely ignored.

One hundred years later, a farmer who was dealing with consistency losing crops to wet soil and/or flooding, unearthed a nugget that jumpstarted an effort to reclaim parts of the wetland. It’s an uplifting tale about how we can repair landscapes through building consensus and diligently working toward shared, realistic goals.

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